Skeeter’s Real Money Program Expands in 2024

Skeeter will expand its Real Money contingency program in 2024 to include three levels: Real Money MAX, Real Money Grass Roots and Real Money Limited. The Real Money program rewards anglers with cash payouts for running eligible Skeeter boats with Yamaha outboards in sanctioned tournaments.

“The Skeeter Real Money program recognizes anglers for their loyalty and passion for the sport of competitive fishing and the Skeeter brand,” said Chris Brown, Brand Manager, Skeeter Boats. “We look forward to adding more anglers and events to the program this year and wish all of the competitors the best of luck as they take to the water.”

With a $100 annual entry fee for the Max Level participation, Skeeter owners fishing select trails and events during the 2024 tournament season are eligible for up to $7,500 first place prize bonus if they win (first place finish) from a qualifying Skeeter/Yamaha Package in a Real Money MAX Level Contingency Paying Event. In addition, participants are eligible to win the first-place bonus up to five times in the 2024 calendar year.

The Real Money Grass Roots and Limited levels will award winners in qualifying a Skeeter/Yamaha Package, in a Real Money Grass Roots or Limited Level Contingency Paying Event, a match of up to $5,000 for the Grass Roots Level or $1,500 for the Limited Level, for a win (first place finish), depending on how many boats or anglers are in the Contingency Paying Event.

Since the launch of Skeeter Real Money in 2006, Skeeter has awarded approximately $4.7 million to anglers competing in freshwater tournaments across the country. For a complete list of sanctioned tournaments for 2024 and other Real Money information including official rules, and complete terms and conditions, visit

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