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Scuba Diver killed by Boat

A scuba diver has been hit and tragically killed by a speeding boat in Port Phillip Bay. The incident happened between Frankston and Mornington on the afternoon of May the 5th. It happened around 1 pm the two scuba divers with flags were struck by a boat speeding past. The boat did not stop the two scuba divers were picked up by another boat passing by shortly after. The men were rushed to the Frankston pier for treatment by emergency services. One man could not be revived after CPR treatment and tragically died at the scene. Whilst the other scuba diver aged in his 20’s did not require medical condition.

Its a stern warning to all boaters that there is a speed limit of 5 knots whenever or 9 kilometres within 50 meters of any nearby swimmers and 100 meters from any flags. I can attest that as a boater these flags are very small and sometimes not the easiest to see. Hopefully, this tragic situation can look at better ways to help boaters identify flags in the water in areas without speed restrictions.

The situation is now being treated as a crime with police and authorities on the lookout for these boaters who fled the scene. Police are investing local boat ramps and trailers for clues.

Man killed by speed boat


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