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Join us on the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. for new episodes of LIVE with Lenny. Tune in for an interactive live stream with Angler in Chief Lenny Rudow where he discusses various seasonal fishing tips and tricks for targeting a variety of fish species. Live viewers can comment on YouTube or Facebook to ask questions in real time, and anyone who missed the program can view all past episodes in the playlist below by simply clicking the playlist menu in the top corner of the video. Sign up for our email newsletter to be notified of upcoming livestreams.

What’s in Store for 2024

We’ve had a number of regulations set for rockfish season in 2024, but there are still some falling into the TBD column. On this month’s Live with Lenny we’ll give you the rundown on what we know for sure, what we don’t, and what’s open for public comment right now. Then we’ll dive into current winter fishing opportunities — what’s hot and what’s not – in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Join us for another episode of LIVE with Lenny Thursday, 2/1 @ 6 p.m. on Facebook or YouTube 

Past Episodes

Click the playlist menu icon youtube playlist in the top right corner of the video to view past broadcasts.


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