Lew’s Introduces Custom Lite Shallow Spool Spinning Reel

A welcomed addition to the Lew’s Custom Lite family, the 200 size Custom Lite SS Spinning Reel fits in perfectly with the lightweight design and smooth drag offered in the rest of the series, but specifically excels in situations where one would normally use backing tied to a braided main line. Since the genesis of the Custom Lite family, the standard 200 and 300 size spinning reels have been the preferred choice of many pros because of their high-quality performance and consistent reliability, so Lew’s is pleased to present a new option that is even more efficient for anglers fishing with light line.

Tailored for finesse applications, the innovative shallow spool design of the Custom Lite SS Spinning Reel strategically reduces line capacity to eliminate line waste and the need for backing, especially when using braided line. The Custom Lite SS is engineered with a feather light Tanso Tech frame and skeletal rotor, weighing only 6.7 oz. for lightweight strength and increased sensitivity. Within the reel lies a precision-machined aluminum gear and a hybrid carbon drag system for steady power and ultra-smooth operation.

“With braided line being such a must in finesse fishing, the Custom Lite SS is so perfect! It’s just unnecessary to have that much line on a spool plus it makes it lighter – combine that with the all-around smoothness! You just can’t go wrong with it,” says Mark Zona.

This isn’t just a reel; it’s a seamless blend of finesse, power, and unyielding performance.

Lew’s Custom Lite SS Spinning Reel will be available for purchase on Friday, March 22nd through several outlets, both online and from dealers exhibiting on site at the Bassmaster Classic expo.

MSRP: $159.99


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