Lawyer’s BeatDown Outdoors Adjustable Electronics Mount Setup

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There’s a growing trend toward using advanced electronics in today’s pro and enthusiast fishing styles. However, these investments require protection and stability, something Jeremy Lawyer emphasizes in his quest for the perfect fish finder mount. Lawyer shares insights on why choosing a durable and customizable mount like those offered by BeatDown Outdoors is an essential consideration for any serious fisherman.

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First and foremost, a good mount must offer durability. It needs to withstand the rigors of fishing, minimize vibration, and prevent any movement of the units. Lawyer prefers BeatDown Outdoors mounts for their heavy-duty, rigid construction, ensuring his expensive electronics stay secure, no matter the conditions.


Another key feature Lawyer highlights is the mount’s customization capability. BeatDown Outdoors mounts have a unique design that allows anglers to adjust their setup to their specific needs. Whether it’s changing the angle or height position of the fish finder, these mounts provide the flexibility required for optimal viewing and operation.


Whether you’re a crappie fisherman who prefers sitting down while fishing or a bass angler who’s always on the move, BeatDown Outdoors mounts cater to all preferences. Their innovative design includes options for raising or lowering the mount, ensuring you can tailor your setup exactly how you like it.

David AppletonDavid Appleton

David Appleton

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